Places we visit

    • Kruger National Park
      tours-safaris12One of the largest game reserves in Africa. It covers an area of 20,000 square kilometres in the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in northeastern South Africa. It is designated as an International Man and Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO. All the Big Five game animals are found at Kruger National Park, which has more species of large mammals than any other African game reserve. Read more on Wikipedia.
    • Blyde River Canyon
      tours-safaris06One of the largest canyons on Earth, and arguably the largest “green canyon” due to its lush subtropical foliage, Blyde River Canyon has some of the deepest precipitous cliffs of any canyon on the planet, is the second largest canyon in Africa and is known as one of the great wonders of nature on the African continent.
    • Bourkes Luck Potholes
      Named after a local prospector, Tom Bourke, who predicted the presence of gold, sustained kolks in the Treur River’s plunge pools have eroded a number of cylindrical potholes or “giant’s kettles” which can be viewed from the crags above.
    • Panorama Route
      Possibly the best view in the whole of the Blyde River Canyon is of the Three Rondavels, huge, round rocks, thought to be reminiscent of the houses or huts of the indigenous people, known as rondavels. This canyon is part of the Panorama route. This route starts at the town of Graskop and includes God’s Window, the Pinnacle and Bourke’s Luck Potholes.
    • Sudwala Caves
      The gigantic halls of the oldest known caves in the world are filled with fairytale cave formations, illuminated to display brilliant true color. Explorers also have the privilege of discovering the history and unsolved mysteries that shroud the caves with delightful tales of impi attacks, stony apparitions and resonant rock.
    • Longtom Pass
      This scenic mountain pass between Lydenburg and Sabie and location of a monument commemorating the last use of the Boer 155mm Creusot Long Tom guns during the Second Boer War.
    • MacMac Falls
      The 65m high Mac Mac Falls in the Mac Mac River is a declared National Monument. This waterfall was originally a single stream, but in the 1880’s gold miners blasted it with dynamite to divert the river in an attempt to work the rich gold-bearing reef over which it plunges. Great curio stall at entrance to the viewing site.
    • Echo Caves
      This National Monument and underground wonderland was stumbled upon in 1923 by a farmer when he was searching for a source of water. Some of his cattle had mysteriously disappeared into the cave. After exploring it was soon realised that this dark underworld carried with it the most beautiful gems of nature.
    • Museum of Man
      This open-air display of archaeological and palaeontological exhibits is situated in a cave which dates way back when it was first inhabited by the bushmen, then by the Bapedi group and then in the mid 1800’s by the Voortrekkers. Excavations carried out in the cave clearly indicate the various times that the cave was inhabited by the three groups.
    • Shangana Cultural Village
      Set in the shade of ancient trees in a reserve of forest and grassland, and built by the local Shangaan people, a bustling African market village forms the centre of Shangana, where local crafts people make and trade their craft. From here, trained guides lead guests down to villages on day or night tours.
    • Goliath’s Footprint
      An unexplained mystery!